Terms of purchase and sale
Welcome as a customer in our online store. Here you will find the latest products, as well as great deals at all times.

General Terms
These terms and conditions govern the customer’s use of goods and services provided by the seller, hereinafter referred to as the seller. These terms and conditions apply to all sales from the seller as long as nothing else is agreed in writing between the parties.

ScaleNordic AS has organization number 922 704 309

Our address is:
Svend Haugs Gate 9
3013 Drammen

Inquiries regarding the online store: info@scalenordic.no

Prices and shipping
All prices are stated exclusive of value added tax, special fees and delivery costs where not otherwise stated. An additional charge of NOK 70, – excl. VAT is charged on all orders under NOK 500, – excl. VAT. Please note that the order amount on the web does not include shipping, any collection fee (for collection customers), insurance and any small order fee. This will be invoiced afterwards. ScaleNordic AS may change its prices without notice.
However, we make reservations about any errors in the online store, be it errors with prices or other conditions which means that we cannot deliver according to information provided on our website.

Right of withdrawal
ScaleNordic AS complies with the right of withdrawal. Read more about the right of withdrawal here! Or download the form here!

Equipment rental
In the event of an outage, we will endeavor to assist you with equipment to the extent practicable. For critical studio and broadcast components, we always try to solve your problem with backup equipment. You normally pay for this shipping and insurance of the equipment, as well as 5% of the equipment price per week.

If you wish to cancel the goods, please contact us at inf@scalenordic.no as soon as possible.

Complaints / Warranty
Products sold are covered by one year’s warranty / warranty unless otherwise agreed in writing. This covers parts and materials as well as working hours performed at our service department in Drammen.
In case it is desirable to carry out the repair at the customer’s place, parts and materials are covered. Travel and diet, as well as working hours, are charged a deduction for the time that would have been spent if the repair had been performed at our service department.
Return shipping freight for the shipment of goods in connection with repairs and claims / warranty service, is covered by the buyer. In case it is desirable for practical reasons that the third party performs complaints / warranty repairs, this must be clarified before the commencement of the work with the service manager at ScaleNordic AS, as well as the price that will be refunded to the customer. Repairs initiated without prior approval will not be refunded and will shorten the warranty / warranty period.

Return of goods
All returns of goods must be approved in advance by ScaleNordic AS. Returns that are not due to errors on ScaleNordic AS part will be charged with a return fee of NOK 500 + VAT.
The item will be returned at the sender’s expense. Insurance of the item to our warehouse is the sender’s responsibility. Claim shipments are not accepted. Returned goods must appear as new, with original packaging, manuals, accessories etc. If this is missing, the customer will be charged for missing / damaged units.

All deliveries are made by Post. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the address provided when ordering is correct. The delivery time is normally 1-3 working days (working days), depending on the time of day the order is made and whether the goods are in stock. The customer will be notified when the goods have been dispatched.
All orders, unless otherwise agreed, will be sent as a package.
If the item is damaged upon delivery, this must be reported to the seller as soon as possible and preferably on the day of arrival via email. It is important that you notify us in full of any damage that has occurred. If you see that the packaging is damaged at the time of delivery, you should also report this directly to the person from whom you have sent the package.
We reserve the right to make any printing errors regarding price and information on the goods / services on the site. Please contact us if you have any questions. We want to give you good help and a successful trade!

For uncollected parcels / letters (for example mail order) sent in return (will not be redeemed), the customer will be charged for shipping / return shipping as well as service fee of SEK 50 excl. VAT. Seller will never pay return shipping for customer, so if customer sends us a package in return the cost will accrue to customer and not seller.

Customer Duties
Anyone who is registered as a customer (18 years of age) with the seller is responsible for the payment of the services provided by the seller or the seller’s partners in accordance with these terms. Responsibility also includes others’ use of the customer’s access, including unauthorized use, insofar as it cannot be shown that unauthorized use is made possible through negligence on the part of the seller.

Exceptional conditions
The seller is only liable for loss of the goods, if any defects or defects are found. However, this does not apply if the seller proves that the defect is due to circumstances beyond the seller’s control, and which the seller could not reasonably be expected to avoid or overcome the consequences. Seller is not responsible for indirect losses due to defects unless the loss is caused by gross negligence or intention on the part of the seller. In the case of consumer purchases, the terms cannot be inferior to the terms of the law, cf. Consumer Purchases Act of 2002-06-21 no. 34.

Change of terms
Seller reserves the right to amend these Terms, including as a result of changes to the law.

Force Major
Is the seller prevented from delivering or making a compulsory delivery or is such a duty of delivery unreasonably burdensome as a result of labor conflict or any other circumstances when the parties cannot control it such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military summons of similar scope, requisition, seizure , currency restrictions, riots and riots, scarcity of means of transport, general commodity scarcity, restriction of supply of power, and deficiencies or delays of deliveries from subcontractors or manufacturers as a result of such circumstances referred to in this paragraph are exempt from all other liability than in complaint cases and credit it to the defective item’s associated purchase price.

Digital marketing
ScaleNordic AS regularly sends out newsletters, promotions and other relevant information to its customers in accordance with the Marketing Act. You can cancel this by sending a message to info@ScaleNordic.no or clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our newsletters. Reservations are made for any errors / omissions in prices / descriptions in our newsletters and our websites (ScaleNordic.no, ScaleNordic.se, ScaleNordic.dk and Facebook.com/ScaleNordic).

Personal information
ScaleNordic AS processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Information that can be linked to you as a person will never be made available to other businesses or linked to other external registers. Read more by clicking here!