SEE MORE Dexibell Logo Telefunken TF11 Introducing the company’s first large diaphragm phantom-powered condenser microphone, with C12-style voicing SEE MORE Fluid Audio FX80 SEE MORE Probably the best monitor in the $500 price range Fluid Audio FX80 Hotone Ampero One Amp Modeler/Effects Processor/USB Audio Interface SEE MORE Hotone Ampero One Hotone Ampero One model12_prod-suite SEE MORE Tascam Model 12 Tascam Model 12 Interface / Recorder / DAW Controller Source Audio Collider One of the best Reverb+Delay Pedal Video Read Review SOS SEE MORE Focal Shape series Listen Beyond. Video Read Review SOS See more Source Audio EQ2 Fine-tune Your Guitar’s Tone with This Flexible EQ Video SEE MORE Source Audio EQ2 For audio quality at the top of the scale! High-performance coaxial wedge PA speaker CD Series SEE MORE Telefunken M80 Video SEE MORE Telefunken M80



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